HiMax 5300KV High Speed Brushless Motor 2025

HiMax 5300KV High Speed Brushless Motor 2025
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HiMax 5300KV High Speed Brushless Motor 2025. Perfect high speed motor for the IRC Photon and many other 1/16th scale and 1/18th scale go-karts. Himax motors are manufactured to high standards, best quality bearings used for radio controlled models. Designed for light-weight, high efficiency, and durability. Features High Efficiency High Power Light Weight Replacement for 400 motors. Specifications: Weight: 61g (2.15oz) Max Power: HA2025: 175w (This is dependent on several factors) Max RPM: 60,000 OD: 20mm, (.79") Length: 42mm (1.68") Shaft Size: 2.0mm (.78") Mounting Screw Thread: 2.5mm, max depth 3.0mm Maximum Case Temperature: 100C, 212F Mounting holes in front 6, 2.5mm Awesome motors last for years beat quality bearings used comes with 1 yr warranty
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