Novarossi Brand New RC Bike Engine .15 **OUT OF STOCK**

Novarossi Brand New RC Bike Engine .15 **OUT OF STOCK**
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**WORLD CHAMPION 2015-2017** Brand New from Novarossi **Special Introductory Offer Sale Priced** GNO was able to get our hands on the NEW NovaRossi .15 Nitro Bike Engine's. You now don't need to worry about the plastic roto-start comes with new steel roto-start pieces. Looking for the fastest RC Bike Engine on the planet you found it!

Displacement: 2,49 cc
   R.P.M. (max power): 43.500 RPM
   Practical range: 6.000-43.600 R.P.M.
   Bore x stroke: 14,90x14,25 mm
   Sleeve: 5 ports
   Rear ball bearings: steel
   Front ball bearings: steel
   Crankshaft: 11,5 mm - turbo
   Carburetor: aluminium - 6,5mm - slide
   Glowplug: turbo (C6TF)
   Exhaust position: Side
    Weight: 200 g
   Fuel type: 16% nitro

The glowplug of engine is a Turbo type glowplug. Turbo glowplugs have a different shape than Standard glowplugs and therefor are not interchange able with engines that are using Standard glowplugs.   Sleeve:
The sleeve has 5 transfer ports to supply a linear power output and to keep fuel consumption low.
The crankshaft is manufactured with a larger bore intake to increase the mixture flow;and has a special shape to optimise gas-flows in the engine.





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