Nuova Faor Pro-Bike Fork System Complete (IN STOCK)

Nuova Faor Pro-Bike Fork System Complete (IN STOCK)
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Wow what a differance. The handling improves 100% with these Nuova Faor Pro-Forks. Comes in the Orange Anodized fork tubes and black triple trees fits all bikes. Beautifully machined, you won't find better qualitity or performance best you can buy. Oil and spring dampened quick change oil and springs. Comes with extra set of medium weight fork springs, new front axle and wheel spacers. Stock forks are 12mm fork tubes the Pro-forks are 14mm, best handling you can buy for the bikes. Nuova Faor has patent on this Pro Drive System they call it on this fork design. There is an adjusting cap at top of forks to regulate the load on fork springs as well as easily remove oil and springs. Stock forks are 12mm the Pro-Forks are 14mm. You can power in and out of corners yahoo!

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