Rear Differential All Metal Gears **OUT OF STOCK**

Rear Differential All Metal Gears **OUT OF STOCK**
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  • Item #: 32002&32003
  • Condition: New

**OUT OF STOCK** Complete 1pcs Differential All Metal Gears. Fits Acme NB16, Vulcans, Turnigy and many other 1/16th/1/18th scale REAR. Fits most 1/16th scale including Acme Racing NB16. Part numbers 32002 and 32003 are used on many 1/16th scale these may fit front or rear depending upon your model of buggy/truggy. Completely assembled with Metal Gears. Gears can be purchased separetly. Nice upgrade for increased speed. Less vibration and noise equals faster buggy. We strongly recomend that you purchase good quality Diff lube. It you use this grease from the beginning your Diff gears will last much longer. The lube that comes with the new diffs flys off to easy and the gears run dry.

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