Upgrade SF509 Standard Nitro to SF509 Nitro RACE Combo

Upgrade SF509 Standard Nitro to SF509 Nitro RACE Combo
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Upgrade Standard SF509 Nitro to SF509 Nitro RACE with aluminum servo trays. If you have the SF509 Standard Nitro now you can upgrade to the SF509 RACE setup. With this combo your SF509 will look just like the RACE version except with Aluminum servo trays. Going to the vertical servo trays enhances the performance and stability tremendously. Everything you see in picture is what is in combo. If you have a SF501 or SF506 and want to upgrade to the SF 509 RACE then you need NFRace2 Combo and X571 Upgrade Kit. The rear aluminum shock bracket changes the angle of the shock to that is lies down more. The beautifully machined down stop shaft supports the new location of the rear shock for riding the rail driving! Choose from aluminum or carbon fiber frames below.

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