**NEW NEXT** OPS Marine .21 Longstroke In-Board **IN STOCK **

**NEW NEXT** OPS Marine .21 Longstroke In-Board  **IN STOCK **
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**BRAND NEW 2016 OPS NEXT NITRO IN-BOARD ENGINE IN STOCK** OPS Marine .21 Longstroke In-Board Nitro Engine. Competition OPS *BRAND NEW 7 Port Long Stroke In-board Marine Nitro Engine. OPS has changed this Competition Marine engine to a squared stroke for peak performance. Engine has 14mm shaft with double balancing (perfectly balanced) rod with double bushing 5+2 ports on cylinder booster exhaust on cylinder turbo head fixed ventura on the carburetor Cylindrical / Displacement: 3,47cc. Squared Stroke Long Stroke Engine Max. power 2,97 Hp. R.P.M (Max. power) 45.000 R.P.M. Bore x stroke 16,60mm x 16,00mm Rotary Carburetor Ventura fixed. Glow plug type Turbo plug. Come with standard front bearing but ceramic rear bearing size 14x25. Standard head button available!

We have now added the Option to this engine to further modify. RB Mods claimly the best engine build in the world has come up with new technolgy to further modify OPS and other engines. The mods that he does will drastically increase the performance, HP and RPS's of this engine. When you choose this engine we ship the engine to RB they modify and ship directly to you approx 3-7 days. If you want one of the fasterst engines on your track that racers will be talking about please choose this Option!

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