NF CF411SM Electric Bike FACTORY Version **IN-STOCK**

NF CF411SM Electric Bike FACTORY Version **IN-STOCK**
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**IN-STOCK ON SALE** GNO is offering an optional way to purchase only a couple of the NF Bikes and this CSF411SM Electric 1/4 Scale is one of them. You can now pre-order or Layaway this bike with the Option below. By purchasing this way you save 5% off the price of the bike and we will order or put on Layaway for you for mininum 30 days. Anytime after the 30 day peroid you can finish paying for your bike or make payments for up to 6 months we will ship your bike when paid in full. You can take up to 6 months to pay this way making payments every month until paid in full. To purchase your bike this way requires only a $300 deposit plus the $5 shipping total of $303.00 and remember we will knock 5% off the price of the bike and shipping is only $5 anywhere in USA. GNO truly believes in this bike for beginners and advanced and therefore we want to make it as easy as possible for you to own one of these incredable RC 1/5th scale World Championship Bikes! After your purchase we will send you an invoice with the 5% discount applied credit your deposit and let you know your balance how easy is that? The email you receive from this automated system will not be correct we will send you the corrected updated invoice with disount and deposit separetely.

GOTNITRO was able to get only a few of the Supermoto 1/4 Scale Factory Version CSF411SM Electric Bike with knobby tires. Does not come with Electronics as seen in picture. WOW talk about realism Huge Bike. Complete ARTR new bike from the front steel spoked rims to the rear steel spoked rims. Comes with two bikes stands, real life rider, faring kit, manual, sticker kit. Factory version comes with NF beautiful vinyl carrying case and terry cloth NF work bench towel. Front steel gold hub with wavy steel disk and ferodo pads. Rear gold hub with steel sprocket and chain. All new beautifully machined aluminum parts very little plastic on this bike. Comes with nylon side bars, decal kit, faring pieces and very authentic painted rider. Comes in Nuova Faor carrying bag with rear aluminum support stand. Requires electronics, transmitter, receiver, servo's, ESC, motor and battery pack. Specifications: Bike is over 5" longer then the Race Nitro CF411SM and over 20" long. Stands almost 11" tall weight 5.2 lbs without rider. Battery pack is located in the middle of the bike for perfect balance and handling. See pictures of electronics not included with this kit. Some Options are available for this bike. Comes with knobby wheels and tires as seen in picture!

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