**New** OPS DAC-21 Out-Board Nitro Long Stroke **IN STOCK**

**New** OPS DAC-21 Out-Board Nitro Long Stroke **IN STOCK**
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**IN STOCK**  


**ON SALE**  Brand New item for 2015 from OPS here is what they say;

We are happy to submit to your attention the newest engine manifactured by our OPS company called Next DAC-21 outboard. It is a 3,5cc .21 engine for the Formula1 boats outboard. It is equipped with newest carby rotating, front spinner, standard head button air cooled. Designed to adapt on OS outboard unit or Quickshot 3.5cc out-drive with flexy cable. We tested with success and brilliant result in Italian Championship Outboard racing Formula.



Engine Specs and Info:


** In-Stock Brand new 7 Port Long Stroke very powerful nitro engine capable of running with the 60 size class. The DAC engine is best suited for the Lawless Quickshot 3.5 or OS Out-Drive. OPS has changed this competition engine to a squared stroke 9 port for peak performance. Engine comes with 14mm crank-shaft with double balancing for the ceramic rear bearing. Connecting Rod has double bushings with new knife edge design. Cylinder has 7+2 ports and booster ports piston is perfectly machined for top rate performance. This engine runs standard plugs with Optional Turbo head available. Fixed Ventura rotary carb with 2 needle settings. Displacement 3,47cc, squared long stroke max power 2,97 (Max Power) 45,000 R.P.M. Bore X Stroke 16,60mm X 16,00mm. Front standard high quality bearing and rear black ball 14X25 ceramic bearing. GNO carries a full line of OPS engines and parts give us a chance to make you a winner. Engine accepts any standard header and pipe and plug. See customer Rene's video below he is getting this DAC dialed! Thanks Rene for sharing! For a whinning setup we recomend the Silver Bullet pipes and the Octura Y536 prop with the Quickshot 3.5 Out-Drive with the K&B flex shaft. It is best to use the OS #23852200 PTO shaft and the OS #23852100 nut and washer do not use the washer though.    

We have now added the Option to this engine to further modify. RB Mods claimly the best engine build in the world has come up with new technolgy to further modify OPS and other engines. The mods that he does will drastically increase the performance, HP and RPS's of this engine. When you choose this engine we ship the engine to RB they modify and ship directly to you approx 3-7 days. If you want one of the fasterst engines on your track that racers will be talking about please choose this Option!  





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