Nuova Faor Nitro Quad 1/4 Scale RTR **ON SALE**

Nuova Faor Nitro Quad 1/4 Scale RTR **ON SALE**
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**ON SALE IN STOCK** READY TO RUN! Nuova Faor RTR 1/4 Scale Nitro Quad powered by a .15 CX power plant. Plenty of HP for this Quad. Aluminum Colored Finished Wheels with inlaid red aluminum spoke pieces. Comes all pre-assembled with radio gear installed and wand starter for starting the 2.5cc CX .15 . Requires 7.2V flat battery pack for wand starter. These are huge 1/4 scale!! Italian quality all around. READY TO RUN! Rear diff provides plenty of traction through the toughfest terrane. Should you happen to break something we carry replacement parts in stock. FEATURES: • Rear chain Transmission Metal Steering Knuckles • Rear disc brake • Rear Swingarm • 3 aluminum hydraulic shock absorbers • Arm independent front • Rear differential • 12 bearings • Scale 1: 4 • Front wheel dia. 135 mm long. 45 mm • Rear wheel dia. 130 mm long. 62 mm • The Puppet series plastic • Height 400 mm • Length 500 mm • Width: 400 • 2.5 cc Engine CX.15 • 2-wheel drive • 2-Channel Radio

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