Nuova Faor T15 Electric Bike **IN STOCK**

Nuova Faor T15 Electric Bike **IN STOCK**
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**IN STOCK** WOW WOW WOW BEST BIKE ON THE PLANET NO QUESTION** Just released from Nuova Faor at the Neuenburg Fair in Germany the T15. Bike is an ARTR no Electronics uses 2pcs Savox servo's for front braking. This new bike is belt drive lots of carbon fiber parts. You will find Titanium screws throughout the entire bke. Bike also includes; titanium steering shaft, titanium rear shaft, titanium front shaft. Comes with soft racing slicks front and rear also faring and rider set. This new NF carrying case is awesome 2 compartments; top one for tools comes with tools you see in picture. The second compartment holds this light beautifully designed new electric Belt Drive RC bike. The case is made of carbon fiber like material to match all the CF on this bike wow guys show me something better! Comes with blue rims with mounted glued and trued by NF team drivers soft racing slicks. You will be amazed once you un-zip this beast!! Best performaning bike you can buy period! Requires the SH1250 Savox servo for Steering and the SH-0255MG Savox servo for front brake system.

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