OPS Marine 67 New Drum Rotor Engine **IN STOCK**

OPS Marine 67 New Drum Rotor Engine **IN STOCK**
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  • Item #: 582811/582713
  • Condition: New

**IN STOCK** **OPS MARINE 11cc-.67 RCB part number OPS 582811/582713 Nitro Engine. This is the new drum rotor valve version and is very popular either for competition or sport, this engine is very rugged with lots of power at both ends and comes with slide carburetor and bell crank for easy installation. Engine has STANDARD knife edge on leading and trailing edge new design for long life. Choose options if you need pipe. Displacement = 11cc-.67 Speed range = 6000-23000 Power = 4.35hp Weight = 680gr ABC Piston liner 3+2.

We have now added the Option to this engine to further modify. RB Mods claimly the best engine build in the world has come up with new technolgy to further modify OPS and other engines. The mods that he does will drastically increase the performance, HP and RPS's of this engine. When you choose this engine we ship the engine to RB they modify and ship directly to you approx 3-7 days. If you want one of the fasterst engines on your track that racers will be talking about please choose this Option!

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