OPS Marine 90 Bi-Metal Nitro 6.05HP **IN STOCK ON SALE **

OPS Marine 90 Big Block
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**IN STOCK ON SALE + FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING** Brand New Design OPS 89005 bi metal 90 marine engine in a 80 size black crankcase quite small and compact (886gr) comes with water-cooled manifold and choose your tuned pipe from Options. Red Cooling head and drive assembly, the crankcase is black. The engine is drum valve and new carburetor with top and bottom adjustments. Engine has a unique liner made from aluminum then a small coating of brass and then chromed the engine has greater rpm and starting due to the good expansion and contraction of the new liner. Choose from the options below to add exhaust and glow plugs that do not come with engine separately. OPS Marine 90 In-Board Nitro Engine with carburetor. Displacement/Displacement 14.87cc, Maximum power/Max. power HP 6.05+, R.P.M (max. power) 25,000 R.P.M. Weight/Weight 825gr, Coupling Sleeve-racking-Transfer ports decanting OPS/ports ABC scheme, Rod/Connecting rod double bushing, Bearing rear/Rear Ball Bearing Steel/Steel, Bearing Front/Front Ball Bearing Steel/Steel, Carburetor/Carburetor Logo, Drum/Rotary, Glow plug type Standard.



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