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**OUT STOCK** PERFECT TIME TO BUY WITH THE DROP IN EURO LOWEST PRICE ON THIS BIKE EVER!! SF601 Electric Superbike! Take advantage of our Layaway Plan and save you 5% if you want to make payments this is working real well for customers! Bikes come with PMT tires they are not mounted on bike what you see are the hard inserts that come mounted on the wheels. GNO is offering an optional way to purchase only a couple of the NF Bikes and this SF601 Electric is one of them. You can now Layaway this bike or purchase in full choose from Option's below. By choosing Layaway you save 5% off the price of the bike and we will order or put on Layaway for you for minimum 30 days. Anytime after the 30 day period you can finish paying for your bike or make payments for up to 6 months we will ship your bike when paid in full. You can take up to 6 months to pay this way making payments every month until paid in full. To purchase your bike this way requires only a $200 deposit plus the $4 shipping total of $204.00 out of USA will be more because shipping is more and remember we will knock 5% off the price of the bike! GNO truly believes in this bike for beginners and advanced and therefore we want to make it as easy as possible for you to own one of these incredible RC 1/5th scale World Championship Bikes! After your purchase we will send you an invoice with the 5% discount applied your deposit credited and let you know your balance how easy is that? The email you receive from this automated system will not be correct we will send you the corrected updated invoice with discount and deposit separately.**IN STOCK ON SALE** WORLD CHAMPION NUOVA FAOR SF601 RACE ELECTRIC! The new Electric Powered Race Bike from Nuova Faor interesting new features. The chassis is now made of only 3 carbon parts (no more seperate rear parts) and uses the new narrow swingarm with only 60mm width. The bike kit includes the new NF plastic rims with hard inserts installed. The tires will fit directly on the rims over the hard inserts giving you maximum performance and grip out of a PMT Slick's or Treaded tires. Optional weights for the rims are available. The weight of the Electric bike with tires, but no electronics or body is an amazing 1140grams. It requires two midi size servos (35x15mm) for steering and the front disk brake. The hydraulic probike front forks are a little bit shorter now with less travel, but in return they are also be less bendable. The battery pack is mounted in upright position below the carbon tray, fixed with a Velcro fastener. Requires Savox SH-1250M servos or equivalent; Length 35mm X 15mm X 29.2mm tall. Bike only weights 92.9 grams that's 3.3oz. Bike requires tires but this month FREE PMT Treaded Tires $50 value. No setup manual parts listing only. For electronics here are some suggestions;

For Electronics we recommend Motor The Ripper 4900KV with Castle Creations Sport Sidewinder, great combination (you do not need the Max system). With the right ECS settings ( leave the timing at standard, about 10 degrees, the drag brakes at 50% and the punch turn up if I want to do the wheel stands the bike up on end no problem. We recommend to purchase the programming cord for the sidewinder. The battery we recommend is lipo from RC Lipos, Inc, they have a good online store with free shipping, at least to the US, and pricing is good. We recommend to use a 7.4 volt (2S) with a discharge rating at 30 to 35C. Purchase their brand which is the Poly RC and get the mAh at about 3500 or above. Depends on how much run time you want and money you want to spend. You can run for about 20 min. all out with 4800mAh battery. If you have not used Lipo's before, you need to purchase a battery charger with a balancer which can be purchased from RC Lipos

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